Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Polar Plunge 2014

Cinderella has a Polar Plunge team every year and this year Etta wanted to participate.  She understood that she was going to raise money for kids to participate in the Special Olympics but I think that's about it.  But I did explain she will be raising the money by jumping in a cold pool.  She didn't seem too worried.
I want to thank all of our family and friends who supported Etta (my mom, grandma, Eric's brother, and aunt and uncle).  She raised her goal of $125 which pays for one Olympian to compete.  Plus she got an Adult Small (about three times her size) sweater and a free lunch.  She is very proud of that sweater.  After registering she got to meet Miss Nevada. 

Etta with Miss Nevada
 I even talked a friend of Etta's from gymnastics to participate as well.  She's done one before where they actually had to cut ice out to get into the water.  Needless to say our Polar Plunge was more like a spring plunge since it was in the high 70's.  I wish I had brought my swimsuit too!
Etta with her friend Claire
It was so nice the Cinderella team was in the water at least an hour before the plunge.  Of course this water wasn't as cold as the main pool but the kids had fun splashing around for an hour.
Testing out the water before the Plunge
 Here is the team before the Parade.  Oops missing a team member.
The Cinderella Cold Water Crowns

Etta promised to do a belly flop into the pool to earn her last $25.  I think she forgot about it when she had to stand poolside for 5 minutes until the clock struck noon.  As you can tell, she did not belly flop!  She swam across the pool and when she got out I made her belly flop in which was not recorded.  Claire's mom was recording while sitting pool side.  Of course when everyone jumped in the water sloshed over the side getting her wet, hence the shaking video camera.

She is now telling me she does not want to do that again next year since the pool was too cold.  Hmmm, wonder if she'd sign up to raise money but be a 'chicken' and not jump in?  The highlight of her day was when we won a raffle.  She considers it hers since I let her put 10 tickets into whichever prize she wanted to win.  Of course this was one of them.  Looks like we are going to see the dolphins at the Mirage, paint some pottery, and eat some sandwiches now.

Etta and her raffle prize
I love that Etta is getting active in the community and learning to be a good citizen.  Now if I can only talk Chloe into doing it too!

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