Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Busy April

I have been missing in action from my blog.  I've been at a spot where there isn't much to talk about other than the girls and their activities or things going on that most people really wouldn't want to read.  But, I figured I'd come on here and say hi to everyone and do a little catch up.  We've been working on getting everything ready for the upcoming Cinderella State Pageant.  We had the girls get pictures taken together as well as some head shots of Etta for the catalog.  I still haven't figured out which one to use.  We are encouraged to find companies to purchase advertisements on Etta's behalf.  This year Eric and I decided to buy a page to just wish her luck.  If anyone would like to purchase an ad (quarter page, half page, full page, or even a business card) or just want to ad something to our page, let me know.  Here are some of my favorite pictures taken of Etta.  Which is your favorite?

For the last month or two Etta and Chloe have both been grumbling about gymnastics.  I told them they both could quit if they wanted.  I put in our two weeks notice two weeks ago.  Of course a week later Etta realized that she would miss it too much and asked if she could keep doing it.  I had to make sure she realized she'd be competing again and her BFF will probably be moving and won't be in class with her after they move.  She's now determined to stay.  I was so close to freedom from the gym but another year of gymnastics is in our future.  Chloe however is done.  She is so excited that she won't be going anymore, which I'm fine with but told her she has to replace it with something else.  We're going to look into horse back riding through Horses 4 Heroes this coming week.  They are both in dance and have their recital June 8th at the Smith Center.  I don't think Etta will be in dance next year but Chloe says she wants to do just tap.  Fall is pretty far away but I hope she keeps with it.  I really want her to find the activity right for her.
Etta is still in contortion and enjoying it.  She can't take an extra class now that she's staying in gymnastics due to scheduling conflicts (of course).  Here are some videos of her practicing yesterday.  I thought it was awesome!

We've got a great week ahead of us.  Both the girls are getting their dance pictures taken Friday and Saturday and can't wait to see how it turns out!  Their costumes are super cute.  That reminds me, I need to take in the straps of Etta's ballet dress.  Better get to work.  Seems like a mom's job is never done.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Contortion Class

Etta is loving contortion class.  I think it's because she's just naturally good at it due to her flexibility.  Whenever Etta's teacher manipulates her, the class stops to watch.  I think they just want to see how far Etta can go on some of the moves.  She didn't do anything crazy disgusting this weekend but Zula did have the girls stacking on each other.  I forgot to video one of the stacking moves which I thought was even cooler.  Enjoy the videos.