Friday, December 20, 2013

Halloween Fun

Earlier in the month our elementary school had it's annual Fall Festival.  Kids can dress up and play tons of carnival like games that each of the teacher runs.  At the end of the night the teachers get paid for the amount of tickets they make which means they strive for a good booth.  I know Etta's teacher was raising money for a new class set of books.  My mom and grandma were in town that weekend for a dog show so they got the pleasure of walking around with the girls playing while I helped run food and keep the teacher prize buckets full.  A big sigh of relief to put that behind us for the year! 
They of course went to their art teacher for face painting.
Our neighborhood is full of kids so of course our door is constantly being visited.  Eric took the girls, our friends, and their kids around the neighborhood to Trick or Treat while I stayed home to hand out the candy.  Wow there were a lot of kids!
The girls.  Etta dress up as a Monster High girl named Ghoulia.  And Chloe is a butterfly.

The girls finally got their school pictures.  I didn't bother scanning them, it was easier for me to take a picture of their picture!  So, they look slightly distorted but figured you might like to see how cute they are this year.

Over the summer Etta cut 9.5 inches of hair to donate to Beautiful Lengths by Pantene to be used in wigs for cancer patients.  She was recognized by the school and received a teddy bear.  She says she wants to grow it out again to donate but it's growing slowly.  I'm sure it will be awhile before she can do that again.

Sorry I haven't been keeping up to date on my blog.  I'll try posting more!