Friday, February 7, 2014

Disney February 2014

We took off towards Disneyland after school Friday which the girls had been on a countdown for weeks!  Don't tell the girls this...but after Eric checked into our hotel (Park Vue Inn) he gave me the key to do our first load of luggage.  While doing so I put gifts for each of the girls (courtesy of the Disney Outlet) out on their bed while they were getting their new suitcases from Christmas into the room.  They noticed a new Minnie Mouse stuffed animal and Minnie ears (ok, I didn't realize it until during our vacation that these were probably 'bride ears' but they were a great price at the outlet and knew the girls would love them) on their bed.  Needless to say they loved the fact that Minnie had personally been to our room to deliver their gifts.  Heee heee. 

Just arrived in Anaheim, California
If you happen to wonder, the girls are in bunk beds which was one of the options at the hotel.  Last year we did the two queen beds and I remember a lot of knees and feet in my back throughout the back (and those weren't Eric's). I was more than happy to comply this year with the bunk bed request.  At first, the girls wanted to sleep on top together but they wouldn't stop talking.  So, I moved Chloe to the bottom and Etta got the top.
We woke up bright and early for a day at the parks and we started out with Disneyland.  Everything I had read said resorts guests and three day park hoppers got a magic morning so when I showed up of course they said that excluded Military.  REALLY.  My face might have turned the color of my hair.  I told them that I could open their website and show them that three day park hoppers got in one morning and hour early and they let us in.  I'm still pissed about that.

Happy sisters
We started out with Etta's favorite, Space Mountain.  We then headed to Chloe's favorite, the Matterhorn, but it wasn't working and by the time it was working later in the morning the line was over an hour long.  The girls did want to do rides we skipped last year due to lines.  Yep, that included Dumbo, Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio, and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.  The girls even let us take them on Pirates of the Carribean which they both road at our feet last year!
Etta riding solo
Daddy riding with Chloe
We headed over to California Adventure for lunch at Ariel's Grotto.  The girls got to meet Ariel before being seated.  The girls were pretty excited!
Meeting Ariel at Ariel's Grotto
Our lunch hour was outside rather than inside which is tough on us pale people (perfect location to watch the fountain show).  Our table ended up being the first table that the princess stopped at.  The girls didn't do much talking, more staring than anything.  But, we got some great pictures of the girls with them.
Chloe and Cinderella
The girls with Cinderella
The most convincing princess of all was Snow White.

Snow White and the girls
The girls with Belle
Aurora and the girls
We kept hoping that one of the princesses from Frozen would be there so we could check that box off and not have to wait in line at some point in the trip.  Oh well.

Since it was later in the day by the time we were done we didn't get a chance to ride Cars' Racers which is my favorite but we did ride CA Soarin', Goofy's Sky School, Grizzly River Run, Maters' Junkyard, and the Swings.  I told the family that this year I was going on the Tower of Terror with or without them and the girls agreed to go.  Let me just say I was surprised.  Of course it was night time by the time we went on it and let's just say they were scared!  You can tell by the next picture.

Terror of Tower ride #1

However, they went two more times during our trip there and have to show you their faces in the next two pictures.
Terror of Tower ride #2
Terror of Tower ride #3
Yes it's a scary ride but they learned to cover their eyes during all the scary stuff and then enjoy the drop.

The next morning (Superbowl Sunday) we started out in California Adventure and it opened at 8am so we got an early start (yeah fast passes for Racers).  At first the lines were non existent so we hit Goofy Sky School again, then did the Toy Story ride for the first time (which was tons of fun), the swinging Ferris Wheel, and a couple other rides.  Eric told me to try California Screamin' as a single seat rider and I basically walked right on.  For an upside down roller coaster it was a smooth ride.

Why so sad Eric?

The second favorite ride, Goofy's Sky School

Last year the Grizzly River Run was closed for repairs but we got to ride it this time.  We didn't realize how wet you can get on it but luckily one passer byer gave us a Disneyland poncho which we covered both of the girls with.  We still got wet.  The second day we were smart enough to put in our rain jackets too so we stayed dryer but still managed to soak our pants and shoes.  The wait was usually only a few minutes and we road this more than any other ride.  Here's Chloe after conquering the ride yet again.

Loving Grizzly River Run
We hopped back over to Disneyland later the second day and rode some more rides.  This time the girls wanted to look cute during the Space Mountain photo.  I figured I'd surprise them too but then I covered Chloe's face.  Oops.
Space Mountain
Eric's parents drove up from Oceanside to have dinner with us Sunday evening.  We had some Italian delivered to the hotel so the girls could swim in the heated pool and hot tub.  They were in there forever and had a good break away from the park.
Our third and final day was Monday and both parks didn't open until 10am! We decided to split the day between the two parks again.  We got in at 9:45am (15 minutes before it opened???) and I went straight to where the Frozen Characters meet and greet.  I got in line for when they opened at 11am.  Eric and the girls met up with me at 10:30 in line and met both Anna and Elsa at 11:45am.  Now, if you are planning on going look to see when they arrive and plan accordingly.  By the time we were done the wait was about 3 hours long. 
One of the girls that met the princesses before us (maybe 4 years old) sang Let It Go to them.  It was quite impressive.  My girls however just wanted to say hi and get their pictures taken with them.

Anna and Elsa from Frozen

And for waiting two hours we figured we needed to get in there as well.
The whole family

One last goodbye

The girls stopped for very few characters, this was one of them.
We spent some time in Toon Town as well.  It's so cool looking!

The girls in Toon Town
Mickey and the Winterbottom family
Before leaving Disneyland we were going to ride Space Mountain one last time with a fast pass and it was closed with problems.  Go figure!  We did find a Fix It Felix Jr game in the store near the ride and had fun with that.  Plus, Etta decided to spend all her shopping money on Infinity for our Wii U.  Something the whole family could enjoy.

Oh yeah, Fix It Felix Jr!
We had a great three days at Disneyland and have no desire to go back for at least another year.  That's exhausting!


  1. Looks fun! Any other hints? We will be there in 2 weeks. I will also be standing in line for the Frozen princesses for the kids. Hopefully it won't be to bad we are going in the middle of the week. We are also eating at Aerials grotto. Any food recommendations?

  2. I thought the tri tip was juicy but the BBQ sauce on it tasted like any store bought sauce. Eric has the catch of the day and it was cooked perfectly but lacked flavor. The kids both got the chicken nuggets and ate everything that showed up (which was a lot (veggies and dip, fruit kabobs, shoestring fries, several chicken nuggets, then a dessert plate for each one).
    Other helpful hints, get an app with the wait time for all the rides in both parks. It was awesome!