Monday, February 10, 2014

Clark County Cinderella Pageant

Etta had a local Cinderella pageant this past weekend.  What made this pageant really special is that her best friend from first grade came to cheer her on.  After taking pictures with my cell phone I realize my phone takes really crappy pictures but I just don't have the patience to carry around my nice Nikon.
Etta loves to interview but I heard she was pretty fidgety while sitting through interview.  Good to know so we can work on that.
Just before interview with judges
 All my pictures of casual wear and party dress were too blurry to add to the blog so I'm going to skip right to her talent routine.  She changed her old routine a little to add a couple of new skills.  She bobbled on a few things and she ended a little early (she always rushes when she's nervous) but over all it showed what she can do.
She didn't win the Overall Mini Miss title but she did win the Talent title.  One of the judges came up to ask where she takes contortion and mentioned Etta was her first choice pick which really made Etta happy.
 Here are the contestants, State, and Local title holders.
The little girl in leopard print won the tot Overall Title and I helped her prepare for the pageant the two weeks before hand.  She's so full of personality and super cute.

Kiera, super excited about her trophy and crown.
Sunday is normally contortion practice but the contortion classes and Kung Fu classes were going to perform at the Chinese New Year Festival just across the street instead.  Etta was excited when she was given a little routine to perform with another girl her age with similar abilities.  They performed twice that day and enjoyed getting up on stage in front of everyone.  Sorry the video is from behind stage.  I would never have made it to the front of the audience in time to video it.

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