Friday, May 31, 2013

First Grade Awards

Another day, another ceremony.  Today was the Kitty Ward Elementary 1st Grade Award Ceremony.  Etta planned to look her best so she picked out a cute dress and wanted me to curl her hair.  Here she is before leaving for school.

There are seven first grade classes with anywhere from 19 to 25 students so you can imagine how long it took to get through them all.  We were fortunate that Etta's class went first!  Since our last name happens to be at the end of the alphabet she was one of that last to get called up.  Mrs. Carley gave Etta the Gold President's Award for Educational Excellence, meaning she has straight A's!  She was also given an award for demonstrating Responsibility throughout the year.

Mrs. Carley announcing Etta's awards.
Getting some love from the principal.
Etta's class and all their awards.
When I was picking up Etta at the end of the day she rushed over and told me that Mrs. Carley forgot to announce another award she earned, the ST Math award.  ST Math is a computer program with math problems that she's been working on at home.  She was pretty excited because she said only a handful of boys in the first grade got it and she was the only girl to get it.

Happy Etta!
 Eric and I are most proud of her straight A's.  She's a hard worker and enjoys doing well in school.  Let's hope she keeps it up!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Chloe's Kindergarten Graduation

It feels like we just did this last year with Etta.  Oh yeah, we did just do this last year with Etta.  You will notice many similarities between Etta's and Chloe's graduation.  I had to talk Chloe into wearing a dress for the special occasion but she finally picked a very girly dress.  Here she is posing before going to school.  She also insisted on me curling her hair and putting in two little pig tails.  So cute.
We chose good seats, we knew they would be coming down the middle isle signing so we picked a spot great for pictures.
All of the kids introduce themselves and say what they want to be when they grow up.  You can tell what Chloe wants to do this summer by her answer.

 A great view of Chloe throughout the graduation.  There were something like 5 sets of twins between the two full day kinder classes so they were the ones that did all the introductions. 

Cute singing.  Really I don't expect most of you to sit through this, but I can guarantee my mom will be watching every minute of her grand baby singing!
Daddy even participated in the Tooty Ta again this year.  What a good daddy!

Even though Chloe has graduated from kindergarten, she still has 3.5 days left of school.  I'm almost positive she's going to ask me tomorrow morning if she's going to first grade instead of kindergarten.  Sigh.  Tomorrow is another big day, it's first grade awards.  I'm fairly confident that Etta may get the most injuries to feet in a school year award.  We'll see.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Dance Picture Time

The girls had their dance pictures taken this past weekend at Bunker Dance Center.  I took in their costumes, figured out how to keep a headband on (which didn't work, must reassess for the recital), iron costumes, and did hair and make up.  The girls really enjoyed getting dolled up for pictures (except Chloe demanded the mascara to come off) and I can't wait to see what the professional pictures look like.  I ended up ordering their class pictures as well as the CD with all their individual pictures.  We'll get to see everything sometime this week on the website but won't get the end products for 6 weeks or so.  In the mean time, here are a few pictures of the girls killing time before their pictures.
Chloe's doing a tap routine to 'Under the Sea' from The Little Mermaid.

 Etta is doing a ballet routine to 'When You Wish Upon a Star' from Pinoccio.